Dairy and Acne

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Diet Dairy & Acne What is the truth about Diet Dairy & Acne?  This post is all about Diet and Acne, how to eat right for your skin type. I have recently been really researching the correlation between Diet Dairy & Acne, what works and what is true.  I am writing this for all my confused [...]

Before and After Photos

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Welcome to the SKIN by kris Before and After Page. These are photos that I have taken, in my treatment room, before and immediately after the service. Most of the Before and After Photos are after one treatment. Because these photos are taken by me, and not in a clinical study, they are very realistic and these types of results ARE typical. The photos have not been edited, although some have been cropped to show the exact area of focused improvement. Like all before and after photos, everyone will be different. But as you can see, every photo has a significant improvement.

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The Girls Guide to Hydrated SKIN Travel. Traveling and Having Hydrated SKIN

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Traveling Hydrating TipsHere is, The Girls Guide to Traveling with Hydrated SKIN. What can you do to maintain Hydrated skin while Traveling? If you are traveling, especially by plane, you know that flying is quite trying on your face. From the minute you get on the plane your skin is losing Moisture and Hydration.  [...]

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How to find a Great Esthetician

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What is a Great Esthetician?   Looking for a Great Esthetician, you have come to the right place. If you are like me, you are probably looking at all the spas and facial options online. Wondering, how do I find a Great Esthetician? How will I clear my face? Who is the Best Esthetician? Where can [...]

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Grand Opening Promotions & Discounts

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Grand Opening Promotions & Discounts Hello to all my friends, clients and colleagues! In honor of SKIN by Kris' grand opening in San Diego, California - we'd like to extend offers for all 1st time clients. Please call today for the latest featured promotion - SKIN by Kris 535 University Ave Ste. 18 San [...]

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